What is “BlaQueer?”

What Is BlaQueer?

The Founder and Editor-In-Chief of BlaQueerFlow, Tabias Wilson, first began using the term BlaQueer when writing his senior thesis “HIV Criminalization: A For of Racial-Sexual Terror Exacted on Black MSM.” Building on Kimerble Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality, he began to theorize that not only do our different identities intersect within each of our lived experiences, they are also compounded and inseparable. The separation of the words “Black” and “Queer” presents a false division, a convenient (forced) circumcision of self, that is not the reality for BlaQueer people across the world. Our blackness is constantly read, experienced, exhalted and terrorized. However, these realities are not separate from our queerness but instead informed by it. Our relation to queerness informs the degree and type of violence or power we are bequeathed by families, society, loved ones and systems of power. Additionally, our queerness is always read as a function of our blackness. Instead, I posit that the two, are constantly forming and reforming each other. The power or predominance of one over the other is situational and dependant on the gaze and power dynamics of the space. When using the word BlaQueer we note that we are the articulation and product of both, at all times, regardless of the shifting dynamics of power, privilege and (in)visiblity surrounded us. Our bodies, our selves, our truths, remain unbothered, unbought and unbossed.

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