Jonathan Jacob Moore

Jonathan Jacob Moore, or Jon Jon, is a 19 year old American Studies student at Tufts University focusing in racial politics in the U.S and minoring in Communication and Media Studies, specializing in radical Black and social media.

“A cash poor, soul rich hood queer from Detroit, I’m a spoken word poet, writer, and avid scholar interested in utilizing new media to explore the frontiers of militant honesty, compassion, and love. I’m a Gates Millennium Scholar and my research at Tufts and Harvard, grounded in the intersections race, media, political philosophy, and gender studies focuses on the power of personal narrative and healing through storytelling in the face of White supremacist violence in the United States and around the world. I’m the Founding President of the Spoken Word Alliance at Tufts. I identify as a Black Queer Chicano. When I’m not writing or sipping tea at the masculinity olympics, catch me watching episodes of Ghost Adventures, eating cheesecake and reading up on my Afrompessimism literature.”

I can be reached anytime at


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