Rashad Malik Davis

Rashad Malik Davis is a freelance illustrator and aspiring character animator. He is a graduate of Tufts University who majored in Anthropology and minored in Mandarin Chinese. He currently lives in the very small town of Lawrenceville, New Jersey and has been involved with the arts for as long as he can remember.

The arts have always been his safe haven, but now it’s time to share that passion with the world.

Rashad is inspired by life experience, art but most importantly by culture. He is inspired by all cultures of the world, and he is passionate about telling stories that speak to viewers across all borders and boundaries. He especially creates in order to make a space where viewers recognize Black African descended people and their cultures as unique, beautiful and worthy of mainstream recognition. As much as he wants people to appreciate his artwork’s beauty, he hopes that viewers reflect on and have a dialogue about issues of: race, power and colorism.

Rashad has illustrated a number one selling children’s book entitled Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim God’s Gift. He illustrated the book cover to Shaping the Future of African American Film: Color-Coded Economics and the Story Behind the Numbers. He also has provided illustrations for the upcoming children’s book Action.Fraction.Drama and the role-playing game Laws of Chaos as well.

Rashad is extremely pleased to be working with BlaqueerFlow and thoroughly appreciates Tabias Wilson’s friendship and tireless efforts to make us known and heard through the written word.

Rashad’s work can be found at RaMalikIllustrations on Facebook.

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